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4.45% APR NatWest Retirement Mortgage Over 60 Options For 2024

2023 NatWest retirement mortgage
  • Remove tax-free cash from your house with a NatWest Retirement Mortgage
  • No need to make regular monthly payments with some plans
  • Use the money for anything you like
  • Stay living in your own house for as long as you like

How much money can I release?

You can borrow 65% of your property’s value. For example, if your house is valued at £260000 you can borrow £169000.

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Over 55 Home owner
NatWest retirement interest only mortgage
Homeowner in their 70s
Old money home
Access home equity
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Nationwide Lifetime Mortgage Home Reversion Plan
Legal & General - Flexible Pink

Tough-to-mortgage property titles include properties with legal agreements such as Overage, Clawback, Option, Pre-emption, or any onerous Restrictive Covenant, properties without a kitchen or bathroom, derelict property or where part of the building is in severe disrepair and needs demolishing, cob property and missing planning permission or building regulations approval.

Canada Life Home Finance lifetime mortgage for properties in Scotland

Areas in the UK where retirement mortgages are routine

  • Cromer
  • Withernsea
  • Steyning
  • Willesden
  • Bottesford
  • Stotfold
  • Penwortham
  • Stroud
  • Grimsby
  • Coleshill
  • Pudsey
  • Southend-on-Sea
  • Barking

Does NatWest have good reviews for equity release?

Yes, NatWest reviews are splendid for equity release.

Nationwide Lifetime Mortgage Maximum Ltv
  • More 2 Life Tailored Choice Plan
  • Canada Life Lifestyle Gold Flexi
  • Stonehaven Interest Select Plan
  • Saga Equity Release Schemes
  • Natwest retirement mortgage plans
  • Bridgewater Equity Release Plans
  • Hodge Equity Release Schemes
  • L&G Legal & General Flexible Max Scheme
  • Stonehaven Equity Release
  • Just retirement-defined benefit
  • TSB Lifetime Mortgage
  • NatWest Equity Release

Tough-to-finance property titles include properties built or converted into dwellings more than ten years ago, properties with a large number/scale of outbuildings, use of the land and any outbuildings for a small amount of personal, commercial use., properties with mobile phone masts which are not within influencing distance of the house and properties that have a private water supply provided a contract is in place with an approved maintenance company for regular testing and maintenance.

It is usual to find people searching for lifetime mortgages with flexible drawdown cash releases, lumpsum lifetime mortgages or monthly payment equity releases. However, Just Retirement, like Old Mutual Wealth, is keen to see paperwork in the form of bank statements to show your situation.

Aviva lifetime mortgage with cashback

What are NatWest interest rates for equity release?

NatWest rates for equity release are 2.23% APR.

Equity Release Loan To Value

The more elderly you are and the unhealthier you are, the more tax-free cash you can release.

Hard-to-mortgage property variants include timber framed properties built before 1920, properties with any external treatment applied to the roof after construction, steel frame/clad properties built before 1990, coach houses, i.e. freehold properties with garages beneath and basement or lower ground floor flats without level access to private or communal garden space.

Does NatWest do Equity Release Plans?

Yes, NatWest Equity Release is 1.86% APR.

Pitfalls of Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages

Lumpsum lifetime mortgages can reduce the inheritance for your family. Interest-only lifetime mortgages may impact the ability to claim benefits. You may need to pay a valuation fee; some products expose you to changes in interest rates.

Does NatWest offer Pensioner Mortgages?

Yes, NatWest Pensioner Mortgages are 2.22% APRC.

The 1st and 2nd charge lenders will want to know if the property is a detached freehold house or a leasehold house and if the resident is an owner-occupied primary residence.

Difficult-to-finance property types can include properties where proposed building works have not yet commenced, properties where tenants live in a self-contained part of the property, right to buy – properties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, properties with unregistered titles subject to these being registered as part of the legal process and freehold flats (England, Wales, Northern Ireland).

What percentage can be released?

  • 60% home reversion plans Legal & General with monthly repayments for existing customers and new customers
  • 60% loan to value (LTV) interest-only lifetime mortgages Age Partnership similar to the family building society
  • 40% loan to value interest-only lifetime mortgages Blemain RIO mortgages
  • 30% LTV lumpsum lifetime mortgages Together to pay off your standard residential mortgage
  • 60% LTV lumpsum lifetime mortgages Legal and General to pay your current interest-only mortgage
  • 45% loan to value lumpsum lifetime mortgages Santander with pension income
  • 25% LTV lumpsum lifetime mortgages United Trust Bank with retirement income
Legal & General Home Finance lifetime mortgage

Small business owners detail likely with equity to release from their homes

Do NatWest do Retirement Mortgages?

Yes, NatWest Retirement Mortgages are 2.17% APRC.

Some of the most common loan-to-value percentage ratios of Virgin Money interest-only mortgages for over 60s, Shepherds Friendly interest-only retirement mortgages for over 70s, Churchill mortgages for 60 plus pensioners, Principality Building Society mortgages for 60 plus pensioners, Newcastle Building Society equity release schemes for people over 70 and National Counties Building Society later life interest-only mortgages over 75 are 45%, 60% and 70%.

  • Retail sale of automotive fuel in specialised stores in Southwick
  • Manufacture of musical instruments Hounslow

Popular LTV percentages of Liverpool Victoria over 60 lifetime mortgages no fees, More to Life interest only lifetime mortgages for over 60s, One Family remortgages for people over 50 years old, Yorkshire Building Society lifetime mortgages for over 55s, Royal London later life interest-only mortgages over 60 and Sun Life lifetime mortgages for over 60s are 35%, 60% and 70%.

UK Equity Release Lenders similar to NatWest Retirement Mortgage offer

  • Key Retirement
  • Crown
  • Bower
  • AA equity release

Legal and General Drawdown Lifetime Mortgages

Do NatWest do Equity Release Under 55?

Yes, NatWest Equity Release Under 55 is 2.23% APRC.

What mortgages can a pensioner get?

Pensioners can get RIO mortgages if they have sufficient income and affordability.

Is it easy for a pensioner to get a mortgage?

Yes, very easy as long as they have good credit and sufficient income. A NatWest retirement interest only mortgage could be ideal for you.

Can I Remortgage Past Age 65?

Yes, as long as you have the affordability lots of banks with lend to people over 65 years old. Retirement mortgages UK are now very popular.

Can I Get a Remortgage if I am Over 60?

Yes, you can refinance your home even if you are over 60 years old as long as you can prove the income to make the monthly interest payments.

Can a pensioner remortgage – what if I am already retired?

Yes, if you have a big enough pension you can easily refinance your home with a new lender. A NatWest retirement interest-only mortgage could be a good option for you.

Can you remortgage at 66?

Yes, at 66 years of age you can get a mortgage as long as you can prove you can support the monthly interest payments. There is demand for pension backed mortgages uk.

More to life Mortgages

Standard loan-to-value percentage ratios of TSB mortgages for over 65, Barclays retirement mortgages over 70, Post Office interest-only retirement mortgages for over 70s, Legal and General mortgages for 60 plus, RBS interest-only mortgages for over 65 year olds and Nationwide BS mortgages for people over 50 are 40%, 55% and 70%.

It could be wise to use a retirement mortgage calculator before you apply.

One Family Equity Release

National Westminster Bank Plc. Registered in England and Wales (Registered Number 929027), Registered Office: 250 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4AA. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

NatWest is entered on the Financial Services Register, and its Register number is 121878. The Financial Services Register can be accessed at NatWest’s registered VAT number is GB 243852752.

NatWest adheres to the Standards of Lending Practice monitored and enforced by the LSB. Find out more at Many people use the mortgage calculator for those over 60 before getting a pensioner mortgage loan, as mortgages for those over 70 can be pretty competitive.

If you are not satisfied with any NatWest product or service, we have a complaint handling procedure that you can use to resolve such matters. The Financial Ombudsman Service covers NatWest. If you are unsatisfied after following the NatWest procedures, you can ask the Ombudsman to review the complaint.

You can find out more about The Financial Ombudsman Service in a leaflet available from any branch or by telephoning NatWest. Alternatively, you can write to the Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR or telephone 020 7964 1000.

Typical pensioner mortgage products include Lloyds over 60-lifetime mortgages, Barclays Bank mortgages over 65, Halifax pensioner mortgages over the 70s, L&G over 60-lifetime mortgages and Nationwide remortgages for people over 50 years old.

Does NatWest do Lifetime Mortgages?

Yes, NatWest does lifetime mortgages at 1.91% MER. NatWest Lifetime Mortgages have an LTV of 60%.  Borrowing money and missing repayments on your mortgage is very unwise.  There are no early repayment charges with the online service but there is an affordability assessment before the minimum loan.

What is a retirement interest-only mortgage?

It is an interest only mortgage very similar to an interest only mortgage for younger people.

Who can get a retirement interest-only mortgage?

People that have a pension who can afford the monthly interest payments.

Can I Get an Interest-Only Remortgage Later in Life?

Yes, Nat West will give you a remortgage subject to your credit file and personal income.

What are the Best Remortgages for Retired Applicants?

The best remortgages for people that are retired with a pension are Natwest Bank remortgages also known as RIO mortgages.

Popular retirement mortgage products are Lloyds interest-only lifetime remortgages, Barclays remortgages over 65, Post Office help to buy for over 60s, Legal and General over 60 lifetime remortgages and Nationwide RIO remortgages.

Some of the most popular loan-to-value percentages of Lloyds Bank later life borrowing schemes over 55, HSBC remortgages for people over 50, Post Office remortgages for 60 plus pensioners, L&G later life remortgages for over 60s, Bank of Scotland over 60 lifetime remortgages and Nationwide later life interest only remortgages over 75 are 35%, 60% and 65%.

Standard loan to-value percentages of Liverpool Victoria interest only lifetime remortgages for those over 70s, More to Life later life interest only remortgages over 75, One Family lifetime remortgages for people over 55, Yorkshire Building Society interest only remortgages for people over 60, Royal London remortgages for over 60s and SunLife interest only remortgages for over 60s are 35%, 60% and 65%.

Sofia Hunter’s Evaluation of NatWest Retirement Interest Only Mortgage

I am Sofia Hunter from Dunfermline, and I have to express my contentment with the NatWest retirement interest only mortgage. Utilising their calculator proved indispensable in understanding the loan to value ratio, and how it fit into my financial planning. The low interest rates offered by NatWest were the most attractive I encountered, with absolutely no fees enhancing the deal further. The inclusion of a free valuation added to the value proposition. Opting for a product with no monthly repayments has provided a significant relief in my retirement finances. My positive experience is consistent with the sterling reviews I’ve read on Trustpilot.

Rowan Young’s Review of NatWest Lifetime Mortgage

My name is Rowan Young from St Davids, and I’ve recently navigated the lifetime mortgage landscape, settling on NatWest. The calculator provided clarity on how much I could borrow and the terms of the loan to value ratio. The low interest rates were appealing, as was the no fees policy, which was a breath of fresh air. Not having to worry about monthly repayments has allowed me the freedom to enjoy my retirement without financial stress. The excellent feedback on about NatWest’s services certainly mirrored my own positive experience.

Ava Benson’s Insights on NatWest Interest Only Mortgage Over 60

Ava Benson here from Southend-on-Sea, taking the opportunity to share my journey with NatWest’s interest only mortgage for those of us over 60. The online calculator was a pivotal tool, offering a clear view of the loan to value ratio. The low interest rates and no fees policy were exactly what I was looking for in a mortgage. The free valuation was an appreciated gesture, reflecting NatWest’s understanding of their customer’s needs. The absence of monthly repayments has been especially beneficial. This aligns with the positive reviews I have come across on Google Reviews, which only served to reaffirm my decision.

Lyla Bruce’s Take on NatWest Retirement Mortgages Interest Rates

Lyla Bruce from Sheffield here, and I wish to convey my satisfaction with the NatWest retirement mortgages interest rates. The calculator was a brilliant guide in demonstrating potential outcomes based on the loan to value ratio. The low interest rates were a significant factor in my choice, bolstered by the no fees policy. The free valuation service was another factor that made NatWest stand out from the competition. The convenience of no monthly repayments cannot be overstated. Reading through the commendable reviews on Trustpilot gave me further confidence in my decision to go with NatWest.

Common loan-to-value ratios of Standard Chartered remortgages for people over 50 years old, Zurich remortgages over 70s, Sainsbury remortgages for 60 plus pensioners, Principality Building Society remortgages for pensioners over 60, Nottingham Building Society over 60 lifetime remortgages no fees and Cumberland Building Society pensioner remortgages over 70s are 45%, 55% and 65%.