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Nationwide mortgages for over 65s – new for 2022 – Free Valuation

UK nationwide mortgages for over 65s

  • Remove tax-free cash from your property
  • Nationwide mortgages for over 65s – 1.93% MER rate
  • Help your family to buy a house
  • Free valuation
  • Continue to live in your property
  • Could be used to help tax planning

How much money can I get?

You can borrow 70% of your home’s value. For example, if your home is worth £310000 you can release £217000.

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Homeowner in their 60s
nationwide mortgages for over 65s
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  • Please enter a number from 50000 to 10000000.
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Downsides of Nationwide mortgages for over 65s

Lumpsum lifetime mortgages can reduce the inheritance for your family. A monthly payment lifetime mortgage may impact entitlements to state benefits. You may need to pay a broker’s fee, and you could be exposed to changes in interest rates with some products.

Wealthy business owners who could benefit from Nationwide mortgages for over 65s tax planning

  • Licensed restaurants Malmesbury
  • Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery n e c Higham Ferrers
  • Production of basic pharmaceutical products Chard
  • The casting of steel Watlington
  • Manufacture of wire products, chain and springs Bourne
  • Manufacture of other ceramic products n e c Longridge
  • Manufacture of consumer electronics Farnham
  • Manufacture of wooden containers Ottery St Mary
  • Manufacture of wallpaper Knaresborough
  • Technical and vocational secondary education Ashington
  • Retail sale of electrical household appliances in specialised stores North Hykeham
  • Market research and public opinion polling Ferndown
  • Satellite telecommunications activities Bishops Waltham
  • Retail sale in commercial art galleries Arlesey
  • Sale of other motor vehicles Wilmslow
  • Activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodies Clevedon
  • Growing of sugar cane Burntwood
  • Retail sale of bread, cakes, flour confectionery and sugar confectionery in specialised stores Boroughbridge

nationwide mortgages for over 65s

Just lifetime mortgage

More to life  - Capital Choice Plus Plan

LV= lifetime mortgage

Lloyds Retirement Mortgage Advice

Hodge Lifetime Mortgages

Do Nationwide do Equity Release?

Yes, Nationwide Equity Release is 2.11% APR.

Pure Retirement Mortgages


More to life Retirement Mortgages


What percentage can be released with nationwide mortgages for over 65s?

The more aged you are and the more serious your illnesses you are, the more tax-free money you can release with Nationwide mortgages for over 65s.

Lloyds Retirement Mortgage Rates 2022

Popular loan to value percentages of LVE mortgages over 70s, More to life retirement interest-only mortgages over 60, One Family mortgages for over 70s, YBS pensioner mortgages over 60, Principality Building Society interest only lifetime mortgages for people over 60 and Axa later life interest only mortgages over 60 are 35%, 55% and 65%.

It’s very regular to find people looking for monthly payment lifetime mortgage, monthly payment lifetime mortgage or monthly payment equity release, however, Lifetime Mortgage from L&G like Legal & General are keen to see paperwork to show your circumstances in the form of pension statements.

Do Nationwide do Pensioner Mortgages?

Yes, Nationwide Pensioner Mortgages are 2.11% MER.

The mortgage lender will want to know if the property is a Freehold terraced house or a Leasehold flat with a share of freehold and if the resident is an Assured shorthold tenancy tenant.

Equity Release Loan To Value

  • 55% lumpsum lifetime mortgages The Exeter Equity Release
  • 30% LTV home reversion plans Coventry
  • 55% loan to value home reversion plans Paragon Personal Finance
  • 45% loan to value (LTV) lump sum lifetime mortgages Optimum Credit
  • 25% loan to value interest-only lifetime mortgages Darlington

Some of the most common loan to value percentage ratios of TSB lifetime mortgages for over 60s, Barclays help to buy for over 60s, Post Office mortgages over 70s, Legal and General equity release plans for people over 60, RBS mortgages over 70s and Nationwide BS interest-only mortgages for people over 60 are 40%, 55% and 65%.

Areas where Lifetime Mortgages are routine

  • Eye
  • Stotfold
  • Alnwick
  • Frome
  • Lutterworth
  • Thorne
  • West Tilbury
  • Ross-on-Wye
  • Newquay
  • Stourbridge
  • South Kirkby and Moorthorpe
  • Alton
  • Northleach with Eastington
  • Wirksworth
  • Watton
  • St Austell

Does Nationwide offer Retirement Mortgages?

Yes, Nationwide Retirement Mortgages are 1.84% MER.

  • Canada Life Lifestyle Gold Flexi
  • Liverpool Victoria LV= Flexible Lifetime Mortgage
  • More to life Capital Choice Plan
  • Pure Retirement Classic Drawdown Lite Plan
  • Stonehaven Equity Release Scheme
  • Nationwide Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • Saga home reversion plan
  • Bridgewater Lifetime Mortgage
  • Canada Life Landlord Voluntary Select Plan
  • L&G Legal & General Flexible Lifetime Mortgage
  • Stonehaven Equity Release Scheme
  • Nationwide Equity Release Schemes
  • HSBC Equity Release Plans
  • Bridgewater Equity Release Schemes
  • Stonehaven Equity Release Plan
  • Canada Life Equity Release Plans
  • Hodge Equity Release Schemes
  • Just retirement equity release key features
  • Liverpool Victoria LV= Lump Sum Plus Lifetime Mortgage
  • HSBC Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • NatWest Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • Royal Bank of Scotland Lifetime Mortgage

UK Equity Release Scheme Providers

  • Aviva
  • Pure Retirement
  • Key Solutions
  • Legal & General

Does Nationwide offer Equity Release Under 55?

Yes, Nationwide Equity Release Under 55 is 1.84% APRC.

Nationwide mortgages for over 65s

Find out the lowest rates available from Nationwide.  Because of the stability of pension income lending to people over 65 is very low risk, and therefore attracts a tiny percentage of interest.

Locations of our head offices

Nationwide Head Office address – Swindon
Nationwide Building Society
Nationwide House
Pipers Way
SN38 1NW
GPS/Geographical Post Code Only: SN3 1TA

Nationwide Administration Centre address – Northampton
Nationwide Building Society
Kings Park Road
Moulton park

Portman House Bournemouth Administration Centre
Richmond Hill

Common retirement finance offerings are Lloyds Bank interest-only mortgages for people over 60, Barclays lifetime mortgages, NatWest retirement interest only mortgages, L&G pensioner mortgages over 70s and Nationwide BS mortgages for 60 plus.

Do Nationwide do Lifetime Mortgages?

Yes, Nationwide do lifetime mortgages at 2.26% APR. Nationwide Lifetime Mortgages can have a loan to value (ltv) of 75%.