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Harpenden Building Society lifetime mortgage equity release with Free Valuation

Harpenden Building Society lifetime mortgage
  • Remove money from your home with Harpenden Building Society equity release
  • No need to make regular monthly payments
  • Help your family to buy a house
  • Free valuation
  • Continue to live in your own house

How much money can I get?

You can borrow 60% of your home’s valuation. As an example, if your house is valued at £290000 you can get £174000.

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Concise Finance Customer Reviews


Sandra from Manchester

I got equity release to give money to my daughter to buy a house. Without the money I borrowed, her buying a home would have been impossible.


Mrs Shaw from Lancaster

I had an interest-only mortgage with Birmingham Midshires. The mortgage had come to the end of its term and they wanted the £127000 back I still owed them. My lifetime mortgage saved me from losing my home and the rate was close to what I paid before.


William from London

I was told by my lawyer my inheritance tax bill would be around £250,000. I got a lifetime mortgage to give money to my son and daughter so they could buy bigger homes and we bought a house in the south of France for us all to use as a holiday home.


Mrs M from Birmingham

With no brokers fees and no lenders fees, I got an interest-only retirement mortgage which I pay each month from my private pension. The money released went to my daughter for her wedding and deposit for her next house. She wanted a family, and her flat was too small.


David P

With my power of attorney, I got equity release on my father’s house to pay for disability provisions including a lift and a new kitchen.


Mrs Daly from Glasgow

My daughter lives in the states and does not have health insurance. My £30,000 lifetime mortgage paid the medical bills for her son to be born and a years rent in advance for a new flat for the baby.


Mr Williamson from Chiswick

My son is a chef in a care home. He is not well paid. No way his bank would lend him the money to buy a flat. My equity release enabled him to put a substantial deposit down so his mortgage was very small. My equity release interest rate was close to his interest rate offered by his bank.


Mrs G from Leeds

My daughter is a single mother, and I got a £120,000 lifetime mortgage to buy her a flat outright as she has had a succession of poorly maintained rental flats not suitable for her child.


Ms T from Hammersmith

My husband recently died leaving me with a mortgage I could not afford to pay. The lifetime mortgage allowed me to pay off the mortgage and have enough money left over for a new bathroom, kitchen, and roof repair.

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Home equity Tied Up
Old money home
Homeowner in their 70s

Tough-to-finance home variants can include properties with legal agreements such as Overage, Clawback, Option, Pre-emption, or any onerous Restrictive Covenant, ground rent where the lease or any deed varying the lease provides for a ground rent exceeding, or where the escalating provisions would result in the ground rent exceeding £250 per annum (or £1000 per annum where the property is in Greater London), derelict property or where part of the building is in severe disrepair and needs demolishing, cob property and concrete panel houses.

Southfields House
Canada Life Home Finance lifetime mortgage for properties in Scotland

Harpenden Building Society equity release

Tough to mortgage property titles include properties built or converted into dwellings more than 10 years ago, properties with a large number/scale of outbuildings, grades l and ll* Listed Buildings in England & Wales (Grades A and B in Scotland; A, B+ and B1 in Northern Ireland), properties with flying or creeping freeholds which comprise over 15% of the total floor area and properties in coastal areas that may be affected by erosion.

More to life  - Capital Choice Plan

Hard-to-mortgage property types can include pre-fabricated reinforced concrete (PRC), properties with single skin brickwork where the single skin comprises more than 20% of the surface area of the external walls, steel frame/clad properties built before 1990, coach houses i.e. freehold properties with garages beneath and basement or lower ground floor flats with level access to private or communal garden space.

Harpenden Building Society equity release

Difficult to mortgage property types include properties where proposed building works have not yet commenced, age-restricted properties, right to buy – properties in Scotland, properties with unregistered titles subject to these being registered as part of the legal process and freehold flats (England, Wales, Northern Ireland).

Aviva - Lifestyle Flexible Option

Common loan to values of Standard Chartered mortgages for over 60s, Direct Line retirement mortgages over 65, Sainsburys mortgages over 65, Skipton Building Society interest only lifetime mortgages for over 60s, Nottingham Building Society later life interest only mortgages over 60 and National Counties Building Society interest only lifetime mortgages for people over 60 are 40%, 60% and 70%.

Mortgage For New Build

Common LTV ratios of LV= later life borrowing schemes over 55, More to life mortgages over 65, One Family mortgages for over 65, Yorkshire Bank mortgages for 60 plus pensioners, Metro Bank interest only mortgages for people over 60 and Axa later life interest only mortgages over 70 are 40%, 55% and 70%.

Mortgage For New Build

Equity Release Rates: A Comprehensive Guide

Mortgages Over 55

Equity release has become increasingly popular among those aged 55 and above. This financial product allows homeowners to unlock the value of their homes without having to move.

Benefits for the 55+ Age Group

At 55, many individuals are planning for retirement. With an equity release, they can supplement their pension or fund home improvements, making their golden years more comfortable.

Harpenden Building Society Mortgages Over 60

Considering Long-Term Needs

By 60, homeowners may have paid off a significant portion of their mortgages. Using equity release can provide additional financial flexibility, allowing them to consider options such as travelling or helping family members financially.

Mortgages Over 65

The Peak of Equity Release

Many consider the 65+ age bracket to be the prime time for considering equity release. With retirement in full swing, having additional funds can ensure comfort and financial security.

Mortgages Over 70

The need for medical care assisted living, or simply the desire for a more relaxed lifestyle might drive those over 70 to consider releasing equity from their homes.

Understanding the Options

It’s essential for this age group to fully understand the implications of equity release, as it can affect inheritance and estate planning.

Harpenden Building Society Mortgages Over 75

Maximizing Home Value

For those aged 75 and above, their property might be their most valuable asset. Releasing equity can provide substantial funds to support various needs.

Harpenden Building Society Retirement Remortgages

Revamping Retirement Plans

As life expectancies increase, so does the need for sustainable retirement plans. Retirement remortgages can offer a solution, allowing seniors to refinance their homes and potentially get better interest rates.

Pensioner Remortgage

Boosting Pension Income

For pensioners who find their monthly income lacking, remortgaging can be an avenue worth exploring. By drawing out some of the home’s value, they can enjoy a better quality of life.

Lifetime Mortgage Harpenden Building Society

This is one of the most common equity release schemes. Here, homeowners take out a mortgage on their home but retain the right to live there.

Features of a Lifetime Mortgage Harpenden Building Society

  • No monthly repayments are required.
  • Interest accumulates over time.
  • The loan and interest are repaid when the homeowner passes away or moves into care.

How it Differs from Traditional Mortgages Harpenden Building Society

Unlike standard mortgages, lifetime mortgages don’t require monthly payments. Instead, the interest is added to the loan amount, and the total is repaid later.

Release Equity Harpenden Building Society

Equity release allows homeowners to access the value tied up in their homes. This can be done through various means, such as lifetime mortgages or home reversion plans.

UK Equity Release Providers

  • Just Retirement
  • Norwich Union
  • Age Concern
  • Bridgewater Equity Release
  • Just Retirement Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • More to Life Capital Choice Plan
  • Pure Retirement Lifetime Mortgage
  • Royal Bank of Scotland Equity Release
  • Age Partnership Lifetime Mortgage
  • More 2 Life Flexi Choice Drawdown Lite Plan
  • More to Life Tailored Choice Plan
  • Bridgewater Equity Release
  • Canada Life Second Home Voluntary Select Plan
  • Hodge Equity Release Plans
  • Just Retirement Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • Lloyds Bank Equity Release Plans
  • NatWest Lifetime Mortgage
  • Just retirement equity release key features
  • More to life Flexi Choice Voluntary Payment Super Lite
  • Stonehaven Equity Release
  • TSB Equity Release Plans
  • NatWest Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • Saga Lifetime Mortgage

The 1st and 2nd charge lenders will want to know if the property is a semi-detached freehold house or a Leasehold flat with a share of freehold and if the resident is a Private Tenant.

It’s very common to find people seeking out monthly payment lifetime mortgage, lumpsum lifetime mortgages or monthly payment equity release, however, Bower like AIG Life are keen to see paperwork to show your personal situation in the form of pension statements.

Downsides of Equity Release Plans

Lump-sum lifetime mortgages can reduce the value of your estate. Interest-only lifetime mortgages may impact the ability to get state benefits. You may need to pay a solicitor’s fee and you could have higher rates to pay with some schemes.

Areas where retirement mortgages are common

Equity Release Loan To Value

  • 55% lump sum lifetime mortgages AA equity release
  • 45% LTV lumpsum lifetime mortgages Step Change
  • 30% loan to value lifetime mortgage with flexible drawdown cash release Holmesdale Building Society

Aviva Retirement Mortgages

Canada Life

One Family

Common loan-to-value ratios of Lloyds Bank interest-only mortgages for over 60s, Barclays Bank mortgages for 60 year olds, Halifax over 60 lifetime mortgages no fees, Legal and General mortgages for 60 plus, RBS later life mortgages for over 60s and Nationwide BS over 60 lifetime mortgages no fees are 50%, 60% and 70%.


More to life Mortgages

Equity Release percentages of your current property value

The older you are and the unhealthier you are the more tax-free cash you can release.

Examples of retired small business owners likely to have equity to release

  • Gathering of wild growing non-wood products Bromborough
  • Demolition Honiton
  • Raising of other animals Longridge
  • Wholesale of other intermediate products Burslem
  • Manufacture of pumps Helston
  • Support activities for performing arts Newmarket
  • Other retail sales in non-specialised stores Hedge End
  • Manufacture of prepared pet foods Loughborough
  • Cold drawing of bars Stafford
  • Manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles Steyning
  • Manufacture of office machinery and equipment except for computers and peripheral equipment Westbury
  • Public relations and communications activities New Romney
  • Manufacture of tools Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • Collection of non-hazardous waste Windsor
  • Manufacture of professional and arcade games and toys Chulmleigh
  • Processing and preserving of poultry meat Cheltenham
  • Wholesale of dairy products, eggs and edible oils and fats in Stamford
  • Retail sale of textiles in specialised stores in Oswestry

Some of the most popular pensioner loan products are Lloyds retirement mortgages, Barclays interest only lifetime mortgages, NatWest interest only lifetime mortgages, Legal & General mortgages for people 60 plus and Nationwide Building Society retirement mortgages.

Does Harpenden Building Society offer retirement remortgages for the over 60s?

Yes, a Harpenden Building Society retirement remortgage for retired homeowners over 60 is 3.5% APR fixed.

Does Harpenden Building Society do a pensioner remortgage for pensioners over 60?

Yes, Harpenden Building Society pensioner remortgages for the over 60s are 3.59% APR fixed for life.

Does Harpenden Building Society do later life remortgages for over 60s?

Yes, a Harpenden Building Society later life remortgage for pensioners over 60 is 3.19% MER fixed for life.

Does Harpenden Building Society offer the best remortgages for over 60s?

Yes, a Harpenden Building Society the best remortgage for retired pensioners over 60 is 3.81% MER fixed for life.

Does Harpenden Building Society do remortgaging options for the over 60s?

Yes, a Harpenden Building Society remortgaging option for pensioners over 60 is 3.51% AER fixed.

Does Harpenden Building Society do a mortgage calculator for homeowners over 60?

Yes, Harpenden Building Society mortgage calculators for the over 60s shows 3.22% APR fixed.

Does Harpenden Building Society do a RIO mortgage for the over 60s?

Yes, Harpenden Building Society RIO mortgages for homeowners over 60 are 3.28% MER variable.

Does Harpenden Building Society offer retirement interest only mortgages for the over 60s?

Yes, a Harpenden Building Society retirement interest only mortgage for pensioners over 60 is 3% MER fixed.